I hate to say this…but there are reasons why professional designers exist. And why the field of “experiential marketing” is growing. It amazes me what some people think constitutes a “good logo”. Of course – when it comes to “art” – it also amazes me what some people think is “good” and “bad”. When it comes to art – that’s not a bad thing. It would be very difficult to survive as an artist if what was considered “good” was so narrow, that it forced every artist to create the same works – art should have variety!

When it comes to design – whether it’s a logo, package design – basically anything related to a company / product / service brand, the “art rules” don’t necessarily apply. Good design can have a positive impact on sales – and profit. Bad design – can have a negative impact. And…it takes much more work to overcome the negative than it takes to build a positive perspective of your brand right out of the box.

Apple is a perfect example. The “Apple” logo – very clean. Readily identifiable. The logo is simple – which subliminally reinforces the ease of use of their products, including their operating system, their laptops, their iPods…which builds an emotional connection between the customer and the company. Proof of this – look at how loyal Mac users are. Look at how well iPods have been accepted into the marketplace in such a short time, and how it’s created a cottage industry around that one, small product.

Yet…think of the logos of every local Chinese restaurant you drive by. Think about it for a second. Can you remember the name of that little chinese place on the corner? Difficult…isn’t it. No impact. Yet…P.F. Changs – great branding. Great logo. Typeface sticks in your head. Their raw cost for foodservice products – isn’t that much more than that local chinese place. Yet – their branding, elevates the perception of their restaurants. It creates an experience. An experience that builds loyalty. The loyalty – allows them to charge a higher price – which equates to higher profit.

And…it all starts with the logo. Your logo is the first “face” your customers see. So…yes, everybody thinks they can design a logo. But…not everyone can design the right “face” for your company. It may be cheaper to do it yourself….but in the long run – it may cost you far more than you save. Don’t be afraid to higher a professional service or designer to develop your brand identity, including your logo. In the long run – it’s an investment that will pay off!