Because I just realized that I haven’t updated this stupid thing in almost a year! That seems to be the downside of these things – keeping up with them!

But, in the interest of keeping up with this, I’ve installed Flock. Go check it out at Basically, it’s a web browser designed for social networking & blogging. Based on Mozilla (same stuff Firefox is built out of) – it nicely consolidates your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and YouTube, along with the blogs you’re part of, Gmail and Yahoo mail, and other stuff I haven’t figured out yet.

Considering I’ve only just installed this 30 minutes ago, I haven’t figured everything out yet – but given that in 30 minutes I finally have gotten off my ass using Flock and updated my blog for the first time in months – well, that should give you an idea of how well this works!

Blogged with the Flock Browser