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Social Media Consulting

Social media has turned our fundamental understanding of “marketing” and “advertising” upside down. The Design Foundry can help you change way you connect with your customers.

The idea of the big gray company has been shattered. Being an unreachable, distant, better than you, entity is no longer sustainable. Instead, consumers want to talk to a company representative like they would a friend. They expect multiple points of connection, each offering something unique.

Social media is a stark contrast to the old marketing model. It requires a long term strategy and a high level of commitment. The decision to engage in social media will require a major paradigm shift in their understanding of company organization. And, you can’t avoid it. Even if you are not planning to engage in social media marketing now, you never know what your consumers will do to force you into the social space.

The Design Foundry can help you take advantage of this new paradigm called “social media”. One of the major advantages of social media is that many aspects of social media can be tested and tracked. Where in the past, you might have gathered a group of people for a focus group, and hoped that their answers were representative of the greater whole – with social media, it’s as if you have an ongoing focus group that is more than willing to tell you what works – and what doesn’t.

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