marketing automation

What is Marketing Automation?

Create Efficiencies in your Marketing with Automation.

Marketing automation uses software and digital tools to automate monotonous and manual marketing work. Instead of manually handling each task, you can use strategies and pre-defined triggers to manage all marketing and sales flows automatically.

By implementing an effective marketing automation tool, your company can better target your audience and potential clients across multiple platforms, such as social media, email automation, and text messages.

Why is Marketing Automation Important?

Streamline your Sales Flow for Lead Generation.

Almost all marketers (98%) say that effective marketing automation is crucial to a company’s long-term success. Marketing automation can be key to ramping up your company’s efficiency as it allows you to devote more time to your most valuable asset—your customers.

One of your business biggest challenges, is generating leads and retaining customer loyalty. A good marketing automation strategy improves the efficiency of your sales funnel, as it makes sharing of information easy — delivering exceptional customer support in the process.

marketing automation

What Types of Marketing Automation Services Should You Consider?

Automate your marketing processes with the right tools.

There are a variety of software technology solutions that can assist you in creating efficiencies to your marketing activities, helping you create an effective customer journey from first contact to final sale.

Marketing Automation Solutions include:

  • CRM Solutions – These help your sales team to track, monitor, and maintain information relative to sales prospects and clients, with one point of contact, improving your customer relationships.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing software can help you to engage your customers throughout the buying process, improving brand loyalty while also driving lead generation.
  • Lead Nurturing – Lead nurturing solutions help you keep consistent communication with potential customers until they are ready to buy.
  • Contact Management – Contact Management software manages your database of prospects and customers, so you can best utilize your customers information for your email, social media, and direct mail programs.

We Can Help with your Marketing Automation Strategy

Make Your Marketing Process Efficient and Effective!

At The Design Foundry, we follow a process that helps determine which software platform would be best for your company and budget. We can help you determine buyer personas and related messaging to move them through the buying cycle, as well as where gaps may be that keep lead from turning into sales.

We can help you cleanse and segment your email and direct marketing lists, and assist in integrating them with your automation platform, CRM and email platforms. We can help you develop campaigns for each of your buyer personas through email and direct mail programs and create workflows within the system to assign leads to appropriate campaigns.

marketing automation

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