Content Marketing and Branding Content

What is Content Creation?

Craft your Branding Story with Great Content.

Content creation in marketing often involves informational or educational content combined with brand messaging. It helps you to build an emotional connection between your customer and your brand.

Like us humans, content comes in all shapes and sizes. They all have their importance, impact, and returns. Hence, understanding content mapping is critical, i.e., each content type serves a specific purpose and reaches the targeted stage of the buyer’s journey. Content types can include white papers, your website content, blog posts, webinars, case studies, podcasts, and supporting infographics.

Why is Good Content Important?

Good content boost business growth!

Good content helps to build your reputation for expertise in your field, which can improve brand engagement, establish trust, and generate sales. And, useful content should be at the core of your marketing strategy. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues.

Marketing is impossible without great content. Good content supports the SEO efforts of your website, generating leads, while increasing your customers chances of finding your content. Engaging content may be your customers first touch point, helping them to move within the sales cycle from research to purchase.

Content Marketing and Branding

Branded Content vs. Content Marketing

What is the difference?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy used to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. This approach establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps your business top of mind when it’s time to buy what you sell.

Branded content is a component of an overall content marketing strategy. Content marketing encompasses all types of content created by a brand, while branded content would be a specific type of content within the overall strategy. Content marketing can also include unbranded content: within a content marketing strategy, there is room for content that isn’t branded, for example, informative guides, video tutorials, and testimonials.

Branding Is More Than Just Design

Why Branded Content is important to your brand.

Branded content is designed to improve brand awareness, and is a great way to help your brand stand out. As important as graphic design is to defining your brand, only part of your audience will respond visually.

Branded content is designed to appeal to the emotions of your audience. It helps generate the perceived value of your brand, generates conversations around your brand, it’s focused on the values of the brand. In other words, it uses storytelling to tell your brand’s story.

Creating consistent content that aligns with your brand messaging creates a library of valuable resources that your audience starts associating with you. Over time, with increased brand visibility, consumer community and trust will grow.

Content Marketing and Branding Content

Content Marketing and Branding Content

Let The Design Foundry help you develop your brand story.

Our content is meticulously crafted to the smallest detail. We create jaw-dropping quality content that speaks from the heart of your brand. Content that moves the needle – and even transforms entire brands.

We offer clients a fresh hybrid of branding agency and content production company. specialists can drive the entire content process – from developing a content strategy built upon real insights, to story/idea/script pitches, to every phase of production.

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