Light Rail bridge installed – FasTracks (West Denver)

I just found this video – last weekend, the Regional Transportation District in Denver, as part of their construction of the FasTracks West Corridor bridge for light rail – was installed over 6th Avenue in Lakewood. The new light rail extension will link downtown Denver with the Jefferson County Government Center in Golden.

Having lived in Denver while the original Light Rail lines were laid & opened, and now having experienced the construction of Light Rail here in Phoenix – one thing I haven’t understood about Phoenix’s light rail line – why does it seem, from a design-perspective…well, so bland? Looking at this bridge, which is 1500+ feet in length – have to say, it’s much more attractive than, say, the bridge over the Salt River here in Phoenix…or the one over the Loop 202.

From my perspective – if you’re going to build something that’s big, noticeable, and…is something that should be in place for a very long time – well, eyesore is something to be avoided. I’ve seen this with other Denver construction projects (there’s a bridge downtown that is quite beautiful, not to mention the look of Coors Field, Red Rocks, and even DIA) – yet, here in the Valley of the Sun – I’m still waiting to see architectural designs that don’t look either bland, or just slapped together. Looking at the new extension that’s being built to connect Sky Harbor to Light Rail…I’m still curious as to what it’s going to look like – and if it’s going to be something worth looking at.

(As a side note – the FasTracks bridge was constructed along the side of the road over the last couple months – it’s installation only closed 6th Ave for the weekend…why can’t other construction projects keep from fubar-ing roads like this!)

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