Mobile Applications

What is a Mobile Application?

And what are the different types of mobile apps?

Mobile applications (aka ‘mobile app’) are software developed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones, smartwatch, or tablet, rather than on a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile applications can be web-based (which only need a web browser to work), or a native app (written for a specific device). And, there are hybrid apps, which combine elements of both native and web apps.

Native apps can take advantage of device-specific hardware and software (e.g., a camera). They are usually perform exceptionally and offer the mobile user a rich experience. But development is complex, and multiple versions may need to be written to operate on the variety of mobile operating systems in use. Web apps use one codebase, making them much easier to develop, and may not require permission from Apple or Google to run. But, unlike native apps, web apps can’t use the device’s hardware like a native app can.

Why You Might Need a Mobile Application

And why don’t you have one?

According to a recent PewResearch Internet Project, more than 67% of U.S. smartphone owners use their smartphones to access the Internet on a daily basis. And, approximately 50 percent of all smartphone users have mobile apps installed; of this percentage, two-thirds of the individuals are regular mobile app users.

These statistics show that mobile applications have a unique opportunity to engage with an entirely new type of customer, one whom is constantly connected to the Internet and the global commerce space. In essence, a mobile app allows you to have millions of new customers at your fingertips. All that is left for you to do, is to develop an effective app and reap the benefits of your labors.

Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications

What Could a Mobile App Do For My Business?

It’s no longer an optional choice.

There are four major benefits to mobile applications:

  • Provide More Value to Your Customers – Offering your customers access to a mobile application can help you increase their interaction with your business to promote sales, and by increasing the value they derive from that interaction.
  • Build and Reinforce Your Brand – Having a mobile application can help you demonstrate to your users why they should trust you by showing, rather than telling, what your brand stands for.
  • Better Connect with Customers – Having a mobile application can simplify and improve their customer service experience with your brand, increasing brand loyalty.
  • Boost Profits and Build Loyalty – When customer satisfaction increases, sales typically increase as well. According to, 70% of buying experiences are influenced by how customers feel they’re being treated.

Custom Mobile Applications from The Design Foundry

Your trusted partner for custom mobile app development.

Custom software development that’s done fast and cheap is never done right. Whatever money might be initially saved rolling out an application in record time is quickly lost in time-consuming, expensive reworks. At The Design Foundry, we believe in taking the time to understand your project, ask more questions, and create mobile app solutions that build brand value.

If you’re ready to take your custom software design to the next level – it’s time to talk with us. We’ll create complete solutions that will enable you to meet your business goals and position your company as an industry leader.

Mobile Applications

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