Website Development Process

Why is Web Design Important?​​

Web Design should align with your brand vision.

Your website may very well be the first place your next customer will learn about your company, what you do, and why you should be their choice.  And web design should be focused around that reality.

Your site is more than just a brochure. Your website should measurably drive leads, sales, and deeper engagement, while also communicating your brand vision.

We provide designs that not only reinforce your brand messaging, our designs can enhance it as well. Through custom bespoke design and development, you can be sure your website becomes a performing growth engine.

Strategic Design

Identifying the function behind your website.

At The Design Foundry, we develop websites with a focus on strategic design. This is the fusion of your business and branding goals with every aspect of the design process. It’s more than just designing a site that looks good, usable and accessible. It’s about creating an experience that engages your customers, while communicating your brand objectives.

Designed for 
Desktop and Mobile

Mobile Marketing is an essential component for your brand strategy.

More than 50% of search traffic comes from mobile devices. Your website’s brand strategy needs to address that. At The Design Foundry, we design your website to be mobile responsive, ensuring that the experience they have with your brand is always consistent, regardless of what device your customer is using.

Web Design for 

E-Commerce is more than just online shopping.

Your eCommerce branding strategy helps you control and guide your customers’ expectations while developing a relationship with them. Let us handle the various layers of building a supreme E-Commerce site by taking on the technical side of the process. We work with platforms including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Our Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process

How We Develop your new Web Design

At The Design Foundry – our process is simple:

  • Initial Brief: We learn about your business, your brand philosophy, and what your site needs to accomplish
  • Website Prototype: We develop a wireframe showing your basic site layout, followed by a prototype design based on the information you provided, including logos, colors and fonts, for your inspection, input, and approval.
  • Development: We take your finished idea, and develop a functional website on a private URL, allowing for testing and final approval.
  • Testing: Our team, as well as yours, then can test the staging website to confirm all technical aspects work properly.
  • Go Live: Once all testing has been done, and any last changes have been made, the site is then launched.

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