Microsite Design & Development

What is a Microsite?

Microsites are small websites that are
focused towards a specific goals or event.

The general purpose of a microsite is to improve brand awareness and generate engagement – a branded content site that is rooted in a subdomain of your company’s main site (i.e. micrositename.yourwebsite.com), or it has its own independent URL that is distinct to the main site.

A microsite can deliver a targeted, immersive experience for a particular product or category. Microsites can help you rank in search results along with your brand’s main site, helping you to achieve more site clicks than you might otherwise be receiving. And since microsites are focused on a specific product or category, site visitors get the information they are looking, without the distraction of your main categories or product lines.

Why should I consider a Microsite?

Drive organic search traffic to your branding initiatives.

In cases where you want to advertise a new product or service that should draw a target audience that differs from the main webpage, microsites come in handy. Where a landing page may help you get conversions, it may not help you educate your customer on your product or service.

A microsite is a great brand recognition and brand loyalty tool. They allow users to click to access more pages on the website, increasing the time spent engaging with the brand. This can reduce the bounce rate in the long run. Using a specific microsite URL means that it can be used more effectively in offline ads such as television, print, or radio. And, it’s a great way to drive more organic search traffic to your pages.

Microsite Design & Development
Microsite Design & Development

Microsites by The Design Foundry

We can design and develop the perfect microsite for your branding campaign!

Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone microsite, or a microsite build off your current WordPress CMS site, our team can build out a microsite that help build brand awareness, enhancing your audience’s experience and interaction with your brand, while telling a larger story that helps you target a specific audience in search engines with a new message.

Building high conversion micro sites can be challenging. Our team make sure that you stand out from your competitors in highly unique ways. We deliver solutions that are engaging and highly memorable for your customers, whilst maintaining brand association.

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