Marketing Collateral Design

Why Marketing Collateral Design?

Not everything you hand out can be digital.

Everything isn’t digital these days. There are plenty of occasions when printed collateral is the most appropriate (and most effective) medium. Collateral gives you a great impression, helps guide your conversation and leaves a piece of your brand with your contacts.

Without collateral, your brand is incomplete. Think of your brand’s collateral as the medium in which your brand is identified by your both your employees & customers. This could include business cards, trifolds, stickers, gift cards, post cards, vouchers, resumés, email signatures, etc.

What Is Collateral Design?

Build Brand Awareness with Marketing Collateral.

Collateral design is best described as any visual representation of your brand. This includes logos, slogans, packaging, and more. Today, much of a brand’s collateral design exists as digital marketing collateral, and many of those digital marketing materials function as collateral design.

Maintaining a consistent brand identity is almost always a key part of creating brand awareness. it often contributes to consumers’ awareness and perception of a brand and ultimately has a significant influence on their decision on whether or not to pursue a purchase.

Marketing Collateral Design

Our Collateral Design Capabilities

Leave a lasting impression with professionally designed business collateral.

Plenty of people prefer the tactile response of paper. Whether they like to write notes on it, share it with other decision makers, or make paper airplanes out of it, the act of physically touching something helps them remember your brand beyond the visual.

Marketing Collateral Design from The Design Foundry provids your marketing campaigns with beautiful, clearly designed materials that your audience will want to read, and ensures they remember your name.

  • Business Cards & Letterhead
  • Brochures & Sales Sheets
  • Case Studies & White Papers
  • Books
  • Tradeshow Booth
  • Banners & Large Format Graphics

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