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What is a Landing Page?

Generate more leads, and gain more customers, with landing pages.

A landing page can be described as one-page websites, that push the visitor into a single action. Landing pages are powerful tools designed to convert visitors into customer leads or buyers. It has a specific goal and is designed with a clear purpose in mind. Landing pages are often used to capture leads, promote products or services, or provide information to potential customers.

Landing pages convert more traffic because they are focused on one goal or call to action by providing information about a specific offer or item. It has limited navigation, and the simplicity keeps a visitor focused on the goal rather than being distracted by multiple links taking them away from the page.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

A Landing Page, though similar to common websites, serve a different purpose.

A good landing page has several key characteristics that draw the visitors attention, look great, and convert well:

  • Visual Simplicity – The landing page features a minimalist design that focuses visitors on specific calls to action (CTA’s)
  • Great Media – The right images and videos tell the story, persuade effectively, and create a connection with visitors, motivating them to act on the call to action.
  • Engaging Design – Color and layout have a big influence on how visitors act – and appropriate use of them improve user interaction while guiding desired behavior.
  • Eye-Catching Content – The right headline “hooks” the visitor into engaging with the rest of the content – and that content should convey the essential message and unique selling proposition.
  • Strong Calls to Action – Call-to-action buttons are core components of a great landing page and act as the main gateway between your product or service and the user.

Why Use Landing Pages?

Improve your leads while increasing sales with Landing Pages.

Landing pages are a vital part of a full integrated marketing strategy. By generating more qualified leads, your sales team can maximize their sales funnel, targeting leads that are truly interested in your products and/or services. Landing pages are an important tool in your lead generation arsenal, helping to qualify and nuture leads faster, decreasing your cost-per-lead, improving ROI – and communicate your unique brand proposition more effectively.

Landing Pages from The Design Foundry

Landing Pages that Convert Leads into Sales.

The Design Foundry is a conversion focused agency, focused on conversion design, with an expertise in creating unique landing pages. Our landing page designs not only look great, but feature responsive design that function on all browsers, across all devices. We follow your brand guidelines, integrate form submissions and phone call tracking with your existing marketing app or CRM. Our landing pages come with unique thank-you pages. And our pages incorporate content and calls-to-action, designed to make your landing page convert.

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