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Adobe Lightroom – what a great tool for photography!

I recently got a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – have to say that this program ROCKS! I’ve just finished up optimizing a group of photos I shot this past August while on Maui. In the past, I’d have to spend quite a bit of time in Photoshop to clean things up (things like cropping crap out that is distracting, or straighting the image against the horizon). Then, I’d upload the images into something like Flickr or Picasa – then, go through each of them to add descriptions and search keywords. One by one. For each photo site. Which sucked.

With Lightroom, not only is cleaning things up quite easy (kind of like using iPhoto, but more powerful), but I could add descriptions & keywords within the program – that allows uploads to things like Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, or Photobucket – without having to retype manually all the descriptions & photo info.

So – the most recent batch of Maui photos are up – and they’d be up sooner if I’d not had a hard drive die on my two weeks ago. Enjoy!

The Design Foundry – Maui 2007 Photos

A Great Place For Home Exercise Eqiupment

Part of what I do, beyond just the marketing & art side of things, is also have a passion for fitness. When you look at how, as a nation, we’ve become increasingly obese over the last 30 years – it simply amazes me. We’ve had multiple fitness “fads” – during that 30 years, we’ve had the jogging craze, the aerobics craze, the growth of triathalons from a few “crazy” people doing “gruelathons” to its evolution to a truly legitimate sport. Yet, one thing I also realize is that during that same 30 year period, our free time has declined substantially as well. I’ve lost count of how many of my friends in the “corporate world” over that time, thanks to increased focus on “shareholder return” and “improved efficiencies”, if they were lucky enough to survive layoffs, they are working what use to be the job of two (and sometimes three) people. That, combined with the convenience of fast food outlets on every corner serving portions that have increased in size over that 30 year period – no wonder we’re getting fat! do you find the time to exercise, with the time constraints we all seem to be under? Well, you can join a gym. Problem with that is…a gym isn’t always convenient. And, it’s still difficult to try to work a stop at the gym into daily life. For many – the best solution is home workout equipment. Having equipment at home, allowing for regular workouts, combined with a good diet – is a wonderful way to shed those extra pounds and get one’s body back in the shape it should be in.

Here in Phoenix, I’ve found what may be the best place yet for home fitness equipment. Fitness 4 Home Superstores has three locations here in the Phoenix – with stores in Glendale, Tempe and Scottsdale. Bob Lachniet, the owner of Fitness 4 Home Superstores – has done something I have yet to see in other stores. Most other places I’ve visited, are focused on making the sale – and pushing product through their doors. Not Bob. The service I’ve received from his staff should act as the benchmark for what any store should provide a customer.

Part of that service also includes offering a wide variety of equipment from manufacturer such as True Fitness, SportsArt, Spirit, Schwinn, PowerBlocks and Bowflex. Yes, you can find less expensive equipment at Sports Authority – but you get what you pay for. For example, a friend of mine just upgraded her treadmill to a True ES 3.0Treadmill.She sold her old treadmill that worked fine for her and her husband (she weighs 140lbs) – but when a potential buyer (who weighed twice that) tried it out – well, imagine the embarrasement of being too fat for the treadmill! Needless to say – if you’re already lean and fit, the “bargain store” variety equipment may work for awhile – but in the long run, it makes sense to invest in good equipment. The lines that Fitness 4 Home Superstore carries – are home versions of the same quaility equipment found in most health clubs – to you can feel confident that they will last. Plus, Fitness 4 Home offers personal training services at their Tempe location from Champions Training Center, delivery services, and 0%financing as well.

So…why to I mention this? Well, simply because I want to see people discover good health. And, yet, I also realize that it can be difficult to know what to look for in equipment, without getting ripped off in the process – and, after you’ve purchased it, still be able to get assistance in using the equipment along with help in achieving their personal fitness goals. Make it easy on yourself – contact Fitness 4 Home Superstores today – from personal experience I can definitely recommend them!