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Identity Development

Identity is not just a logo. It’s your name, it’s your brands, it’s what your customers think you are.

There are three types of business identities. One is a monolithic identity, where your organization is your brand. The second is a branded identity, where you’re known as an organization to your business customers, but by your brands to your end consumers. And the third type of identity is an endorsed identity, which is a mix of these two.</

Complicating all of this is the new reality that there’s how you identify your business – and how your customers define it.
The Design Foundry works with clients to help to not only create an identity that you feel represents your organization and your brands, but also helps clients implement the tools necessary to start building communication with your clients to not only discover how they identify you and your brands, but to also work with them to align your perceptions with theirs.

Whether you’re looking to update your identity, or create a new one, The Design Foundry can help you to create a cohesive identity package and related identity standards that you can spread through your organization, allowing you to always present the message about your business through logo design, branded marketing materials, logowear, and web-based solutions.

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