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Brand Management is not Identity Management. But your identity creates your corporate & brand image.

The Design Foundry assists customers starting with their identity, and translating that into their brand management strategy planning.

Your brand is the public face of your organization. With the relatively recent growth in social networks, in many ways it’s much harder than ever before to come up with a branding strategy. Where before, your target market may have been fairly easy to quantify, now – your markets have fragmented – and will continue to fragment. Keeping “on-message” with your marketing strategy, in what now seems to be unfamiliar channels, is imperative for your businesses – and your brands – continued success.

The Design Foundry can help you chart a path for your brands through these now unfamiliar waters. It is possible for your brands – and the identity elements that you use to communicate those brands – to be managed through the new paradigm of social networks. And, it’s also possible to utilize these networks to continually massage & grow the perception of your brands.

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