Brand Messaging Architecture

What is Brand Messaging Architecture?

Communicate your brand objectives.

A brand message architecture is a prioritized set of communication objectives that aims to guide your sales & marketing efforts throughout a business or brand. It can be used to help guide team decisions around everything from website structure, brand taxonomies, all the way to product design and partnerships.

Brand message architecture helps you provide your teams with a framework that communicates a hierarchy of objectives for your brand. This helps you create a marketing strategy that’s agile, yet still conveys a uniform brand message, regardless of the marketing channel being used to market your brand.

Why You Need a Messaging Architecture?

Marketers with a documented marketing strategy are
five times more likely to succeed.

Collaboration is vital between your content, social media, PR, design, and/or product teams. And, creating a brand messaging architecture goes beyond branding guidelines to aid in this necessary collaboration. And on a whole, what the brand is saying is much more important than how it is saying it. A brand might be using the right tone, but if it’s not the right message – it will fail to evoke an emotional response in its target audience, which in turn will fail to build strong customer relationships.

While brand guidelines help define the voice and tone of your brand, what you say about your brand is communicated to your teams by your brand messaging architecture. It’s what we say about the brand. In particular, what we say about who our brand is and what we care about. And when it comes to crafting impactful content, knowing what your brand needs to say is the first step.

Brand Messaging Architecture
Brand Messaging Architecture

What Does Brand Messaging Architecture Include?

How is your brand messaging built?

A company’s Brand Architecture is a blueprint that refers to the structure of brands within the company. Consider it as a hierarchy, a means of showing relationship among your brands and sub-brands. A well-defined brand architecture is key to the success and value of an organization.

Your brand message architecture should include:

  • Your brand promise – This is the promise your brand or your products makes to your target audience
  • Your brand positioning statement – Who you are
  • Your value proposition – What you have to offer and/or what makes you different from competitors
  • Key messages – The main pieces of information you want your audiences to hear, understand and remember
  • Supporting points – For each one of your identified key messages

Brand Messaging Architecture Services

Let The Design Foundry create your brand messaging architecture.

The case for creating a messaging architecture is simple. It gives people across your organization a central resource to understand your audiences’ biggest stumbling blocks—and provides the persuasive arguments they can use to overcome them. In short, it makes getting more of what you want (new clients, new employees, etc.) easier. And who doesn’t want that?

Whether your introducing a new product line, acquiring a new business, rebranding or repositioning your existing brand, or just need to analyze the current state of your brand architecture, The Design Foundry can help you create, refine, and evolve your brand messaging architecture.

Brand Messaging Architecture

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